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Internet of things and Big Data Analytic: A State of the Art Review


Th Connectivity plays a vital role in today's world when it comes to a device or things connection. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a fundamental role in understanding real-world objects virtually and generating massive amounts of data from and for them. The exponential rise in data consumption and the exploding number of IoT-connected devices are only two indicators of how the expansion of Big-Data (BD) exactly parallels that of the IoT. Concerns of data collecting efficiency, data processing, analytics, and security are not trivial when it comes to managing big data in a constantly growing network. Researchers have looked at the difficulties of implementing the Internet of Things to find solutions to these issues. Despite the abundance of research on big data, analytics, and the Internet of Things, the intersection of these fields opens several prospects for developing big data and analytics in IoT settings. This paper focuses on feasible and ideal solutions for the effective integration of IoT with BD. The challenges of combining IoT and BD were also illustrated by presenting an analysis of this issue to a community of readers.



Big Data, RFID, IoT Architecture, IoT, Big Data-IoT


Author Biography

Ramadan TH. Hasan




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