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Designing ECG Monitoring Healthcare System Based on Internet of Things Blynk Application


Nowadays, heart diseases are considered to be the primary reasons for unexpected deaths. Thus, various medical devices have been developed by engineers to diagnose and scrutinize various diseases. Healthcare has become one of the most substantial issues for both individuals and government due to brisk growth in human population and medical expenditure. Many patients suffer from heart problems causing some critical threats to their life, therefore they need continuous monitoring by a traditional monitoring system such as Electrocardiographic (ECG) which is the most important technique used in measuring the electrical activity of the heart, this technique is available only in the hospital which is very costly and far for remote patients. The development of wireless technologies enables to build a network of connected devices via the internet. The proposed ECG monitoring system consists of AD8382 ECG sensor to read patient's data, Arduino Uno, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, and IoT Blynk application. The implementation of the proposed ECG healthcare system enables the doctor to monitor the patient's remotely using IoT Blynk application installed on his smartphone for processing and visualizing the patient's ECG signal. The monitoring process can be done at any time and anywhere without the need for the hospital.


ECG, IoT, AD8232, Arduino Uno, ESP8266, Blynk



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