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Web-Based Land Registration Management System: Iraq/Duhok Case Study


In this era, technology is playing a central role in many areas of human life, but the classical hardcopy-based approaches are still being used for land registration. The Internet-based methods provide excellent facilities for overcoming the drawbacks of handwritten-based style and communication among different government sectors. Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is used to build professional electronic systems as a big step towards the electronic government (E-government) system. One of the most critical sections of the E-government is the E-Land-Registration (ELR). Duhok Land Directorate, together with its sub-directorates, works on a considerable amount of data to process. These directorates suffer from classical hardcopy-based approaches, so building an ELR system will reduce time consumption and paper waste. The improvement of the land registration system will also allow integration with the E-government system. The progress of the land registration will enable communication between the land registration staff on one side and the administration and financial directorates on the other. In this thesis, an efficient ELR system for Duhok land registration is proposed. The services of the database management system cover the Employee Registration Module, Estates Registration Module, Operation Type Module, Estate Owners Module, Estate Status Module, View Information Module, and Login Employee Module. HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, and Bootstrap tools were used for the design and implementation stages of the proposed ELR.


E-Government, Land Registration, Database, Communication Technology



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