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Segmentation of Satellite Imagery of Amedi Site Using Chan–Vese Model with Saliency Estimation


The images that have been taken from space satellites are described by satellite imagery. The presence of the earth's surface is detected by remote sensing. Normally the source of the satellite image is barely seen, because many points in the sky are obscured with cloud shadows. Therefore, one of the most important and ubiquitous tasks in image analysis is segmentation. Segmentation is the method of dividing a image into a collection of specific regions that vary in some essential qualitative or quantitative manner. In this paper we will focus on a method for segmenting images that was developed   Three different methods to detect the location of the satellite images have been studied, implemented, and tested; these are based on Chan-Vese and saliency map segmentation, and multi-resolution segmentation to obtain a proper object segmentation. In this study, the combination of the proposed segmentation automatic detection and image enhancement technique has been performed to reduce the noise of the original image. In addition, the Bilateral filter, and histogram equalization are used in these proposed techniques. Experimental results demonstrate that the suggested method can precisely extract the objective of Amedi site from the satellite images with difficult backgrounds and overlapping regions.


Image Processing, Satellite image, Segmentation Analysis, Saliency Map, Bilateral Filter



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