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A Strategy for the Growth and Internationalization of Companies: International Mergers and Acquisitions


In this study, within the scope of these strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions were explored. Businesses can benefit from a variety of factors, including the ability to easily enter new markets through mergers and acquisitions, an increase in their technological prowess, a reduction in costs as a result of economies of scale, an improvement in the quality of their products and services, more talented managers, and the ability to provide their customers with a wider variety of product/service options. Furthermore, it has been noted that innovation activities can boost a company's export performance and give it more competitive power. The subject of how it affects firm performance, export performance, and competitiveness is currently being addressed in relation to the innovation performance of the businesses that have completed merger and/or purchase transactions. The impact of a firm's innovative performance in this regard. It might be argued that these consequences are advantageous for academic research as well as practitioners working in the field. As opposed to that, mergers and acquisitions might lead to managerial issues. Mergers frequently fail and do not produce the desired effects, according to research. Cultural differences and problems with cultural assimilation have been explored as the most significant of these issues.


Merger and Acquisition, Strategic Motivation, Increase in Firm Value, Diversification, Research and Development



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