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A Survey on Cloud Security: Concepts, Types, Limitations, and Challenges


 Given the world's current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses have recently encouraged remote working from home. A variety of benefits are provided by cloud computing, including simplified IT and management, secure Internet-based remote access from practically anywhere, and cost savings. As a result, more people use the cloud, but there are also increasing cyber-attacks on cloud networks. However, several companies and organizations, who do not know the security threats that Cloud systems pose, are still worried about using the cloud. Reports previously released by researchers from academia, business, and standard organizations proposed solutions to these problems. This paper examines state-of-the-art papers on topics, challenges to requirements, and identified security system vulnerabilities. In addition, we will review the different components and the security and privacy concerns of current cloud computing systems. Finally, we present a variety of security threats targeting and addressing cloud storage services. In particular, we raise awareness on security issues that cloud organizations including cloud service providers, data owners and cloud users face and address them.




Cloud computing, Security, Data security, cloud services limitation, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS


Author Biography

Marya Ayoub Omer



Abdulmajeed Adil Yazdeen



Hayfaa Subhi Malallah



Lozan Mohammed Abdulrahman




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