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Comparison Among Cloud Technologies and Cloud Performance

Journal of Applied Science and Technology Trends


The cloud is the best method used for the utilization and organization of data. The cloud provides many resources for us via the internet. There are many technologies used in cloud computing systems; each one uses a different kind of protocols and methods. Many tasks can execute on different servers per second, which cannot execute on their computer. The most popular technologies used in the cloud system are Hadoop, Dryad, and another map reducing framework. Also, there are many tools used to optimize the performance of the cloud system, such as Cap3, HEP, and Cloudburst. This paper reviews in detail the cloud computing system, its used technologies, and the best technologies used with it according to multiple factors and criteria such as the procedure cost, speed cons and pros. Moreover, A comprehensive comparison of the tools used for the utilization of cloud computing systems is presented.



Cloud, Hadoop, Dryad, Cap3, HEP, Cloudburst, Cloud Technologies



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